Tuesday, 1 February 2011

my garage...

my cousin....great great man...great great friend

mio cugino angelo aka Baastoner  aka zsio Bùma......

my cousin blockhead!!!!!

nero invecchiato con delle belle e gustose white flame!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAA

missing only painting

stuccoed and grated

new garage UristaniRC work

cut an original blockhead gas tank....

un grazie enorme ai ragazzi di CHOP 76......loro si che spaccano!!!

thanks to danny and renè from hard nine chopper.....we are great!!!

new friends and kustom culture icons

Verona Fair was a success!

Today the bike is so



and first rombo di tuono on october 2010 was born in rust we trust...first step

the situation worsened!

until one afternoon in late August ... taken from the madness kustom decided to make some small changes!

Once upon a time a splendid triumph .... a perfect bike and original in every single part ....