Friday, 25 March 2011

Brough Superior SS-100

Wrestling The WWF


Back in the early 90's the WWF came to the UK, I was hooked. What great tv, every week I couldn't wait to see what stories would evolve and who was doing what to who, the wrestling was almost a sideshow. People would say to me that it's not real and the whole thing is staged, I mean duh! of course it was real, come on, those chairs they hit each other with, in and out of the ring only looked like lightweight plastic and the punches only looked like they were missing the target by at least a foot. And then there were all the story lines and drama going on behind the scenes, like Randy Savage's marriage to Miss Elizabeth, are you trying to tell me that was all fake?!
Then they all suddenly became superstars the world over, and all handled the fame in different ways, some adopted the rock n roll lifestyle to the full, with all the sex and drugs etc, and others got sick, some of those didn't make it and are sadly no longer with us. Others found God and some just about managed to keep it together and still perform to this day. My huge respect to all of them, they entertained us to the full. To me the whole thing collapsed when the WWF sort of became the WWE and then it turned into a much sanitized watered down version.

'The British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith

The Ultimate Warrior

Jake the Snake Roberts

Irwin R. Schyster

Randy 'Macho Man' Savage

Miss Elizabeth

Randy and Miss Elizabeth's wedding. The narrators English accent is brilliant

The Undertaker and his sidekick Paul Bearer

Ric Flair

Mr Perfect

Brutus the Barber

Bret 'Hitman' Hart

and the Hart Foundation

The Bushwackers

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Macho Madness. Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Randy 'Macho Man' Savage who is out of his mind on nose bag.

We all had our favourites, mine was the Undertaker. Nobody seemed to like Hulk Hogan in the UK, most people thought he was way to much the hero type and too clean cut. Justina cried when Randy Savage proposed to Miss Elizabeth in the ring and I think Mean Gene Okerlund was one of the best TV presenters of all time.

Bird Deflectors Aluminum Unpolished FOR SALE

Image of LOVE Cycles Bird Deflectors Aluminum Unpolished
Image of LOVE Cycles Bird Deflectors Aluminum Unpolished
Image of LOVE Cycles Bird Deflectors Aluminum Unpolished

 Bird Deflectors for Linkert's, made of cast aluminum in the fine state of Arizona.

Price request  75euro's  plus postage 
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Has this Happened to YOU!

Walt Siegl

American bike with British tendencies. Fantastic work, Walt.
 Mr. Vince once again did an amazing paint job.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Adam Cramer of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Amen, sir.

This excellent short on the wrenching wisdom of Adam Cramer of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles in Philadelphia really speaks to me. I love garage work, building stuff that I can handle. In this digital age where one keystroke can delete the work of your entire career, Cramer reminds us about creating things that are physical.

It's shot and edited by the always inspiring motorcycle enthusiast and cinematographer, Andrew David Watson, editor of Pipeburn. This piece is as much about Adam as is it about Andrew and his eye for simplicity and authenticity. It encapsulates why I enjoy Pipeburn: beautifully realistic shots of old motorcycles, built and maintained in greasy garages, by their salt-of-the-earth creators.